Color Picker for Mac OS X 1.0

Color Picker for Mac OS X 1.0


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Date Added:22 March, 2013

Author: Google

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Color Picker is, as the name suggests a handy, easy to use color picker software designed to offer many different ways to pick color and get instant HTML color code.


TE Gives HTML color code for the color, and allows to enter color in HTML code.
TE Provides a palette of common colors and gives options to save you colors to that palette.
TE Photoshop style color picker based on John Dyer's Color Picker.
TE Color name identification from a large database, and also allows to browse that database (Based on Chirag Mehta's Name that Color).
TE Screen Picker*: Pick color from the screen.
TE Pick color from any image from the clipboard.

Systems: Mac OS X

Tags: pick color   color picker   create HTML code   pick   picker   color  

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